1. I am not a clinical psychologist, nor an economist or political scientist…, but I will discuss examples in these realms. Where possible and appropriate, I will try to consult with professionals from those areas. In particular, I acknowledge that some clinical psychologists oppose the concept of “depressive realism” (a concept that I highlight in the right margin of this web page under “Beware Depression”).

2. This site is NOT telling visitors that they are biased and should reduce their biases. This site IS saying that all visitors are “at risk” of bias. This site is also saying that IF you are biased and want to reduce your biases, THEN it would be helpful to be open to the possibility that you are biased, at which point you can consider the discussed ways to reduce bias.

3. Though I might occasionally write broad statements about “people,” I do not presume to know any particular individual visitor to this site. Research results that I present are based on averages. Knowing these average trends is important, but there are always individual differences.

4. Research is usually complicated. Thus, research results cannot usually be accurately summarized with a simple-sounding black-and-white statement (despite the frequency with which popular-press science authors make such statements). I will do my best to convey results clearly, accurately, and concisely. But going to the original research article is the best way to know the exact results (assuming you know something about research methods and statistics).

5. I will do my best to quickly clear comments for posting (or to frequently check comments that survive any filter I may use). I will try to let the comments speak for themselves and not get involved in comment exchanges, but let’s see how it goes. I can always post a new article if there is a comment trend that I think I need to address. (On the other hand, if your comment is a direct question to me, then I will try to reply…)

6. I might use your comments as examples when I teach, present, or write in other outlets.

7. I will very likely make some mistakes on this site and not edit perfectly. Feel free to let me know if you think you see something that needs fixing. Thank you!


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