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I am Daniel R. Stalder, a social psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Two of my favorite courses to teach are Basic Statistical Methods and Social Psychology. Every semester that I teach Social Psychology, I sign up myself and my social psychology students for a mock support group called, “PARBs Anonymous.” It’s an educational tool (and certainly nothing that is mock-worthy) that can illustrate important social psychology concepts and points. This tool can also begin the process of encouraging students to think critically and to consider the possibility of their own biases. This blog is based in part on this teaching tool.

I have been in this field for 20+ years, and I have published in several journals including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Personality and Individual Differences, Social Influence, and Teaching of Psychology. I have also written for, consulted for, and been interviewed by nonacademic outlets. I have received research- and teaching-based awards (mostly local). I am also author of the book The Power of Context (Prometheus Books, April 2018).

For more information on my background and other activities, see http://stalder.socialpsychology.org/.

For those who might not realize it, being a professor at a college or university can at times become an all-day 7-day-a-week (sometimes exciting) job for many of us, with teaching, research, school service,… This is partly to say that I may not be posting regularly, but I will post as often as I can!

[As of July 8, 2018, I’m holding off on further posts at PARBs Anonymous and moving my writing to Bias Fundamentals, a blog at the Psychology Today website. The topics and goals of my new blog overlap greatly with those at PARBs. I post at the new blog about once per month. I think the PARBs pledges and slogans are still worth reviewing from time to time. The PARBs site and all its articles thus far will remain accessible.]


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  1. interesting site. Could you please send me a copy of your article in Psychology, Teaching, and Learning on the role of social psychology courses in…..



    Arthur G. Miller
    Professor Emeritus
    Dept. of Psychology
    Miami University
    Oxford, Oh. 45056

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