PARBs Hiatus: Moving to Psychology Today

I was invited to start a new blog at the Psychology Today website, and I’ve posted there about once a month since March. My new blog is called Bias Fundamentals: Tools to Keep Our Biases in Check.

I initially thought I could do both Bias Fundamentals and PARBs Anonymous. I thought there were enough differences between the two blogs that it made sense to keep both going. Indeed, there are some differences, but maybe not enough. And it’s been hard to post regularly at both sites.

So until Psychology Today changes its mind about me, I’m announcing a hold on my PARBs posts. I bring to my new blog the spirit and goals of PARBs, including the hope to reduce bias and conflict. And I continue to draw from the tenet that not all of us are necessarily biased though there are benefits to being open to the possibility that you are biased.

My opening post at Bias Fundamentals described how knowledge about bias can reduce bias but not as much as most of us would think. Two other posts discussed two other strategies to reduce bias, namely slowing down our thinking and receiving logic training. Two other posts directly addressed current events, including racism at Starbucks and political tribalism.

I hope you’ll go check them out.

In the meantime, I will continue to use PARBs Anonymous in my psychology courses, especially Social Psychology. The pledges and slogans, in addition to many of the past posts, can be useful tools for students or anyone wanting to think more critically and wanting to learn more about biases and how to reduce them.

We are all different from each other, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to improve overall accuracy in how we see each other and the world.

With greater accuracy I hope comes greater understanding and less conflict. I hope my new blog reaches more people toward those ends.


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