I’m a PARB and So Are You

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. To err is human. In social psychology, these adages include the idea that we all have biases in our perceptions of self and others. In fact, not all of us are biased, at least not all the time or in all the same ways. And some of us are more biased than others. But we are all “at risk of bias.” We are all “persons at risk of bias” (PARBs). And for most of the biases discussed at this site, most people or the average person does commit them (based on decades of social psychology research). Social psychology instructors are also at risk!

I’ve systematically polled over a year of my social psychology students, and they’ve conveyed that the PARBs Anonymous concept (e.g., pledges and slogans) is helpful in self-understanding and in perceiving and interacting with others. My students also agreed on the worth of creating a blog around this concept. So here goes.

(Suggestion: A useful way to begin your participation in this online support group is to click on the Pledges and Slogans links at the top of this page. Check them out. Following or internalizing them can improve critical thinking and reduce bias…)


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